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    Hey gang:

    New user to the board. I really want the "Marines Hymn" as a ringer for my newly purchased 300.

    I've heard a lot of monophonic crap on every ringer site online, so I want a Polyphonic version.

    Does anyone have a link to a real; ie, real instrumental version of this? Or can anyone create this song from an MP3? Here are two sites that have the arrangement that I want:

    Marines Hymn by US Marine Band


    Marines Hymn by US Naval Academy Band

    ------- scroll to the bottom of the page for that one.

    Also, since I've only owned the phone for a few hours, how do you install a new ringer? Yes, I'm THAT new.....

    Thanks a bunch!

    PS: In case you were wondering - USMCR '87-'92. Veteran of Desert Storm w/ IMEF.
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    Zingy might have what you're looking for. Here's a link (it's listed under New)
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    Ick. Sounds like some darn polka band on Zoloft....

    But thanks for the link, dude!

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