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    Thanks! I will give it a try.
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    -Michael Ducker
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    somewhat similar to Comet by natara - - but seems to be more focused on rate plan tracking and such. Also, I don't know if Comet has a Mac version...
    Bryan - whaddya say about this app? Give us some differences, as you might see them..
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    Not familiar with this one. Just took a look at the docs, and it does seem to be nicely done and have some good features.

    One major difference (besides being a Mac vs. PC desktop difference) is that Comet does synchronize directly with the treo, while this app only "imports" for the phone call log file (read the save .PDB file). Not sure if it gets all it's data from there (IOW: If you purge all but the last 10 call history items from the Treo, what info do you now have available on the Mac desktop??).

    Comet also allows "archiving" the call history records from the device and probably has a much more powerful and customizable "grid" view. But, I've not played with this yet.

    I'm not knocking TCL in any way (Treo Call Log was actually the internal name for Comet while we were developing it, but for legal reasons, we changed the name). As a matter of fact, I would probably point anyone looking for a Mac version of Comet over this direction. Overall, it does look like a nice app for Mac users. Comet and TCL can probalby "learn" a few things from each other (feature wise).

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