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    Yeah, if the 600 is anything over $500 unactivated, then I say to hell with Sprint/Palm. And $500 is REALLY pushing it.
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    I'm starting to wonder if its worth it too and I love my 300 but I'm thinking about moving to ppc with a t moblie internet pc card
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    With out a doubt the Treo 300 is the best phone/PDA sprint offers. Features/performance wise. Other than those that may argue the i500 is better for this or that... I bought the Treo 300 at $500. I learned my lesson the first time. Sprint is smoking some really good dope if they think they can sucker me into blowing another $500. This time they have to prove the quality of the phone first! I want the Treo 600 badly! However I will not pay more than $400 for it, and I will not purchase it with out a Sprint rep walking outside with it so I can see if it is useful outdoors.

    This may sound like a negative comment, but it is not intended too. I love the Treo 300, and if Handspring had spent more time making the phone portion of it work properly then I would jump all over the 600 at any price. I can't tell you how tired I am of people asking me why the phone rang when I switched back from call waiting. Or having to explain why my phone hung up on them.

    All other issues I've had are cosmetic and fixable with another Treo (on my 5th). Having said that, I think Sprint has to be nuts to think any Treo 300 user will upgrade for $500.

    Just my 2 cents. Again, I love my 300 and can't wait for the 600 at a reasonable price!
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    That was mentioned at in their Treo 600 section. I am waiting for an unlocked phone for VzW to turn on.
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