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    Yes, it's actually loose and moves around in the little rectangle space in which it's housed. I use a hotsync cable for ease of use and portability, so it's not a cradle causing it.

    Common problem? I hope there's an easy fix. I'm thinking of trying to wedge something in there so it won't move around, and I can plug in at the right angle without having to play the "move and position game" to get just the right contact on the inside of the hotsync cable port.

    Thanks for all your input!
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    Do you mean the cable itself or the male port in the Treo ?

    Well, my cable eventually gave up completely. I pulled it apart and resoldered it - yes, held together with a piece of solder (another engineering feat by HS). The solder job just didn't last and I had to get a new cable (free replacemet).

    If it's the port in the Treo, this too is a wonder of engineering - held onto the PCB with solder. It will fail eventually so if you are still in warranty, get a replacement.

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