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    Here's the pres release:

    According to the article:

    Aileron 5.0 also offers “push notification” to users of Handspring Treo devices, providing users with "always on" email service that notifies them when incoming email messages have been received.


    Users of Handspring Treo devices can enjoy "always-on" email and be notified as new email arrives. Aileron provides push-enabled data notification for new messages using Short Messaging Service (SMS). In a future release, Corsoft will expand “push notification” to users of Palm Tungsten C and other WiFi-equipped devices.
    Thus it's different from "push email" and gives the user an option of how exactly to respond to the notification (via email, phone, or sms). IMO, this sounds alot like Treohelper to me!? Any thoughts?
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    it sounds exactly like the service thet tmobile provides via tzones email.
    i would get a sms message from tmobile evertime my att email, which was set via there website, recieved a mail, i would then connect to the web and retrieve them..
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    Doesn't work on Treo 600, at least yet. Customer service is working on it. I also had reset problems with Aileron, but not with Snapper mail (only 2 I've tried thus far).
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    Does anyone know how often the Corsoft server checks your email or how long ittakes to be notified? I had tried Treomail a while back, but they only check the email every 15 minutes, and that is too long for me.

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