For anyone has had some hands on time with a 600.....

One of the most annoying glitches of the Treo 300's software is the way the dialer software works with the rest of the software,,,,, alwyas returns to the speed dial screen after ANY phone call .....this requires you to navigate back again to whatever screen you were on BEFORE the call.....which is very often the phonebook entry you JUST CALLED FROM to try a second number for a particular contact. VERY INCONVENIENT!

The device would be considerably more useable if ......after a call....the software would automatically return to whatever LAST screen you were on/ using BEFORE the (if that was a contact) you could select another of their phone numbers to dial.....or, if some other application, so you could complete whatever other task or entry you were working on before the call.

I just HATE having to navigatge my way back to what I was doing immediately before a call....ESPECIALLY look up a contact again to dial another of their phone numbers.

How does the 600 work?? The same as the 300 ......or (hopefully) has this annoying glitch been fixed??

Warren C.