Lothar says some good things about the general build quiality and that screen...

Hello customers and maxTEXT-friends - hi there !

this short Infoflash comes directly adressed to our Treo-Users of maxTEXT
from the PalmSource Developers Conference in Munich where i had the
chance to get Hands-On for more than 2 hours testing the Treo 600 (GSM
with my own T-Mobile-D1-SIM-card with maxTEXT V 1.39 this evening.

Good news Nr 1 is that - as we have moved early this year to the new
Handspring-GSM-Libraries (thanks again to you testers out there!)
all functions of maxTEXT like SMS sending / receiving, Dial-Outs for
Callbacks etc. or the Group-Messaging-Features are functioning fine
and right out of the box.

Good news Nr 2:
My impression is this device compared to the Treo 270 the Treo 600 has a
much more
rugged, nicely mounted and valued and finished Design, all the plastichy
is gone and using it looks+feels like a well worked High-End Ericsson or Nokia.

Good news Nr 3:
The Display was improved A LOT !
My impression in this evening situation indoors was that it is
comparable to the Tungsten T2 display in terms of brightness sharpness
and contrast (not resolution).

Good news Nr 4:
The device is much smaller than the pictures from the Oranges Launch
last week let me think it would be.

If you are interested in a more detailed report on the Treo 600
after the conference please let me know by email -

Kind regards

Lothar Hinsche
CEO, Geschäftsführer LH-consultants.de