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    It just occured to me, that the people that operate TreoCentral have been in negotiations with SprintPCS to be a reseller. You can be pretty darn sure that they know the release date.

    I can just see them now, reading all of the rumor posts, laughing their heads off....

    Having said that, if you look at the only "state sponsored" (I.E. TC "published" rumor of a release date), is in the news roundup. It suggests the 6th, with Ingram Micro's 7th as the release date. Now, either they are messin' with us (not likely) or they were trying to give us a hint (more likely).

    Forget about who's sister's cousin's best friend's mom that works for Sprint and is in the know. And I, who have a contact at a high level (I.E. VP) that seemed to indicate that it was now completely out of HandSpring's hands. If I had to put money down, I would go with the TC sponsored rumor.
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    If only i knew.

    Handspring refuses to tell us, and I don't think that Marcus knows from Sprint. My sources say 1st week of Oct., Marcus's say 2nd - Basically neither of us know at all.

    This "TC sponsered" rumor, was posted up front only because it was the first rumor with some backing, and not a "sister's cousin's best friend's mom that works for Sprint and is in the know" rumor.

    To sum up the above, I KNOW that it will be in the next 2 weeks, I DO NOT know, when it will be in the next 2 weeks.

    Handspring promised us review units at least a week before launch, but I don't see us getting them.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    This waiting is hard ... patience ... patience ... patience...
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    Originally posted by Llynx
    This waiting is hard ... patience ... patience ... patience...
    This wait is EASY! You should have been drooling over the Samsung i500 from December 2002 to release in the last week of July 2003. Each month it would be the "15th of next month" That kind of Chinese water (flood) torture will make you psychotic.

    You guys are so lucky - Hawkins says "October" and it really looks like they're going to deliver. Quit your whining - you've had it easy.
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    I would be surprised if Handspring would mislead the WSJ too badly. In his recent article praising the 600, he said:

    "Sprint will start selling the Treo 600 in the U.S. by mid-October for $500 to $550. In Europe, the wireless-phone carrier Orange is also about to start selling it as well. Handspring expects to offer Treo 600s that can be used on the Cingular and T-Mobile networks a few weeks after the Sprint model makes its debut, and may sell it for AT&T customers later in the year."

    We don't know the exact date, but it is not too far off.
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    ARRRR...... I want it already!
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    I've already given my wife my 270! Bring it on! I'm in one of those delirious states, much like sleep deprivation. I believe Treo 600 deprivation is the clinical term!
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    I a sprint rep in lewisville, texas told me to expect it the first week of november. He said it should be in the stores by the second week. I check the sprint store in denton to get a confirmation.

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