Thought I'd toss this over to the gang here and see if anyone can clue me in.
Way back in the day, I used Omnisky's service along with my Exchange/Outlook. At my work place, I set up a forwarding rule (I think) out of Outlook to send mail over to my Omnisky account. This of course would work even when my PC wasn't connected to the network (being forwarded at the server). My mail would hit the Osky modem, the light would go off, I'd check it - all good. The key was that the mail seemed to be sent directly to me - in other words, I could do a reply directly to the sender; the messages weren't all just FWD from me.
For the life of me, I can't seem to replicate that now - if I set up a fwding rule to send mail to my Treo, ALL the messages look as if they're just fwd'd from me, which makes sense. But - I'd like to get it like it was before. I think I need to figure it out at the Exchange level - anyone with a clue? Or done/doing this now?
(and I can't get POP access to our Exchange either - the IT folks said, 'ummm..nope..dude'.)
Give me detailed instructions if you've been able to get something like this to work...
(btw, I use TreoMail, and love it, but need some solution that will work without having my PC connected, and without trying to get the IT folks to install Good or Visto, etc - they won't)