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    Hi, i'm having some weird problem with my Treo 180 (GPRS enabled) unit.
    I bought the first one 2 weeks ago, and i used it for about 5 days. In those days i learned to use the unit and navigate through all the menus and settings. I also did a Hard Reset and when it restarted it asked me to choose the language. everything went ok but then something went wrong with the telephone part of the treo. I went to the store where i bought it and they gave me a new one.

    With the second unit i notice some weird things. The "prefs" menu was changed to "preferences", the "welcome" and "city time" applications are missing. Then i saw a strange "scrolling" issue. When i scrolled down the home menu, every icon moved one position to the right. For example, if calculator was in the middle of a line, i scrolled down and happened some strange ordering and now calculator was at the right of the same line. The only thing i thought is that when i scrolled down through the menu, some icon were introduced in the part that i couldnt see (upper part).

    Then i did a Hard reset and surprise, my Treo 180 did not ask me to choose the language. It went directly to the "welcome" (when they teach you to calibrate and to introduce text) in spanish language (My country language, Chile).
    So i went to the store again, i told them what happened and they gave me a new one (third unit). As i opened it, i notice that it came with same weird problem. Can't see "welcome" and "city time" on the menu and the scrolling issue is there again.

    I wrote to handspring, and they say i have to get a new one again, but i think that all treo's are the same as the one i own.

    Please, if this happened to anyone, or someone knows if this is normal or something else, i'll appreciate if you e-mail me.
    Thank you guys.
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    i suspect that the units that you got from the phone shop were tampered with, probably with flash-rom altering programs. or maybe even that the gprs update hadn't been carried out smoothly. a brand new unit wouldnt behave the way you described. if handspring is offering to give you a new device, then don't worry about your present treo's misbehavings.
    what you can also try, is to redo the gprs update - the software is available from the handspring site.

    here's it here: gprs update
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    My question now is what will happen if i reinstall the GPRS upgrade on my treo?.
    GPRS is working OK now and i now this update is already installed on my treo. But maybe you are right and the update was not correctly installed.

    Do you know anyone who has reinstalled this update?...... something went bad?

    PS: My treo seems to be a Tmobile unit. In the box says "Tmobile V". but my service provider is "Telefonica CTC Chile". Maybe the configuration is the same as Tmobile.

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