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    I fear I may have deleted some important Palm-related files that were included with OS X. (I'm running OS X 10.2.8.) When I try to install Palm Desktop 4.0, I get a "file not found" error after all the files appear to have been installed. The software shows up on my computer, but it won't run. I recall deleting some Palm files at one point, because I was trying to get rid of an old version that had caused problems for me. Any ideas for what might be wrong, or where to find the files if that's the cause? (I tried Handspring, but as soon as they got past their FAQ (please re-install the software again), they suggested I call in and pay $20/hour to resolve the problem.)
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    The best bet if you're under warranty is to call apple they are very helpful. You can also try doing a system restore using the disks that your apple came with.

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