View Poll Results: Why do you really want a Treo 600?

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  • Because I'm obsesive compulsive and gotta have the latest phone/e-mail thang gadget

    27 24.32%
  • Using it will enhance my productivity by .05% (over other PDA/Devises)

    1 0.90%
  • I want to look cool at airports and an public

    0 0%
  • I want to impress the chicks

    3 2.70%
  • Using it will enhance my productivity by 5% (over other PDA/Devises)

    2 1.80%
  • I am one of those people who just has to have the latest stuff

    5 4.50%
  • Using it will enhance my productivity by 25% (over other PDA/Devises)

    8 7.21%
  • Come to think of it, I don't know why I want one.

    5 4.50%
  • Using it will enhance my productivity by 50% (over other PDA/Devises)

    10 9.01%
  • Life is too short to ask questions like this. It's cool. Leave me alone.

    50 45.05%
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    REALLY Now..

    How much time will using the Treo 600 really save you? (vs. using your Treo 300.

    Okay, granted the operating system is much faster, but is it really going to save seconds (or nanoseconds) off of your day as you search for phone numbers, call phone numbers, search for email, send email?

    Will you really feel the difference in your productivity during the day?

    Okay, so it's got a camera. Is that difference going to enhance your productivity and by how much? How could you measure it?

    Okay, it's got a longer battery, but is this really going make you do your job better, cheaper and faster?

    So the bottom line is this.

    I WANT A TREO 600 so bad I can taste it. But maybe it's cause I am a techno freak, not because I am a good business person. But I have to first justify to my senior management the expense before they will permit me to expense it and they may want to see how the numbers scale across the entire sales organization (about 20 people) You see, after they get me one, everyone wll want to get one too. And I am hoping that you can help me come up with the numbers. After all, they bought me a Treo 300 last year and while I love it and it allows me tremendous productivity increases, (I'd say about 50% while I am on the road) I now have to justify why they should spend another $475 to upgrade.

    Thanks for your adivse.

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    The battery is 90% of why I'm going to upgrade. I have trouble making it a day without having to plug in my 300, but the treo is indispensable.
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    i definitely share in all the excitement of buying the latest, greatest handspring treo model for all of its upgrades and new features, but i agree that productivity will not be that noticeably increased.
    its an adrenaline thing or something, i guess an obsession with its coolness factor. but i think the most level-headed decision is to hold off and stay with the t300. its truly fantastic by itself.
    by christmas, we could see some better deals, and if we could hold off on our ravenous, blood-thirsty lust for new tech, we might manage to avoid that guilt we would feel after dropping $500 dollars to ultimate indulgence.
    if i may say so... man, this is going to be hard as HELL!!
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    But if waiting is impossible, and ill tell you that I will not be able to hold off either, I will say that battery life as well as a more comprehensive web browser will allow you to get more business done.
    Blazer 3.0's javascript capability will allow you to place orders to make business expenses with a larger number of online sites while on the go. Store more company information to be used or referenced when consulting with business partners with its 32mb of memory.
    you can flash a shot of an item your business may need and send to your colleagues via snappermail for them to conference over.
    expandability sd slots - the sky is the limit here..... I don't know if i'm convincing you, but I'm convincing myself! Damn this will not be easy to hold off on!!!! Good luck!!!
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    More memory, music mp3s, camera, and Blazer upgrades will improve my life if not my productivity. Better battery, louder speakerphone might help my productivity.
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    Wow, this is new. Since when have we needed justification. Step away from the my Treo. That's right. Just keep backing up...
    "Matters of great concern should be taken lightly, matters of small concern should be taken seriously."
    -ancient chinese adage
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    For'll be my 1st combo device. Whatever productivity improvements that usually come with a combo I'm sure I'll get, but my main reason of upgrading is that I think this Tungsten C I got was a waste of a MAC address. The WiFi is next to worthless IMO, and is the only reason I traded my Clie TG50 for it! I'm really looking to replace this Tungsten but always wanted to try a combo device, but hesitated b/c of the low amount of screen colors (Samsung I330) or the hard-to-use-as-a-phone form factor (Treo 300). The Treo 600 has everything I've looked for in a combo so I'm willing to give it a try.
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    Check out the results of the poll. hehe
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    Simple answer. It is better than what I have now. I'll bet that goes for the majority visiting here.
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    Being able to use the Treo 600 with one hand much more effectively than the Treo 300 is, for me, the single most compelling reason to upgrade. That is not to say that all the other improvements will not be welcome . . . (or for that matter that the cool factor does not figure into it).
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    definately has to do with the form factor and size...its so small for a cell and pda combined thats why i am getting it...wouldnt really call it justification though...more like reasons why...
    Treo 300, Treo 600 - Sprint

    I dream in code and TCP/IP sequence numbers.
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    Form factor is a big issue and the Treo 600 appears to score well in that category. I saw a poll somewhere and form factor was the winner re: importance. I have not physically seen/held the 600 so when it comes out in the T-mobile store, I plan to check it out in person, then upgrade my treo 180 at with a nice incentive deal. For me these are the biggies and pluses (some maybe considered better over other devices), over all, I think the treo 600 will win out:

    Palm 0S 5 - I prefer this over PPC, power overhead, software available
    SD I/O slot - pretty standard on devices now. must be I/O, I do not have this now.
    Stereo audio - Mp3's, Mp3's, Mp3's
    GSM phone - I have a SIM and want to keep it
    Keyboard - I hate to admit it, but it is lots easier than grafitti and one handed input is possible
    Camera - will be standard in all devices soon
    Speaker phone - handsfree

    been using the models at as my guide...does anthing come close in over all packages?
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    I've already primed the wife for handheld GPS for Christmas. I suppose if a forego that, she'll let me upgrade.

    Oh, to be single again :-)
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    have you seen the Garmin iQue 3600.

    no phone, but the treo with SDIO expandability may be used as a GPS...I'll bet the iQue wont have phone capability anytime soon.

    Convergence has got a hold on me....
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    The three main reasons:

    1. SDIO slot
    2. No flip lid
    3. No flip lid

    Any more questions?
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    For those who follow the stocks of Handspring and PALM I think it's fairly significant (albeit totally unscientific due to sample population!) that the main reason for getting a TREO 600 is essentially "because I want a cool gadget" (the two largest results say pretty much the same).

    The TREO 600 will sell to the same set of folks that the TREO 270 and 300 sold to.

    Especially at $500+ a shot.
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    Since gettting the 300 free as a Christmas gift last year. I can't settle for anything less. Full function cell phone.......receive email notification and being able to to go online and reply at a moments notice. Full SMS functions..send and receive ( from ) and also Verichat ( AOL. MSN, and Yahoo Instant messengers ). My daughter can always get at me matter where I travel !!ALertManager which enables the 300 to act like a pager. When you have a voicemail or a missed call or anthing that "arrives" , the phone will keep vibrating or ringing at intervals that you select until you press a button or touch the screen. All the regular PDA stuff installed. All this and more...all in ONE little unit!!! I could go on and on. It like getting your first never wanna go back to driving a car. BRING ON THE 600....the credit card is waiting!!!!

    I forgot the thumbboard...WOW!! When I am on any of the chat services...folks wonder how I can get a message back to them so fast and accurate. Especially when I tell them that I am at a rest area on I-65 near the Tennessee border!! They are like WOW!!! Thier first question is : " so you took your laptop with you" response.." cell phone". GO TREO!!!!
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    Depends on the price for me, especially with Palm announcing 29 Dec release date of POS V 6.0. I may wait for next generation.
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    Originally posted by j$hort

    have you seen the Garmin iQue 3600.

    no phone, but the treo with SDIO expandability may be used as a GPS...I'll bet the iQue wont have phone capability anytime soon.

    Convergence has got a hold on me....
    Yeah, I know theere are SDIO GPS units. Little worried about the software though. Had my eye on Lowrance iFinder Plus becuase of SD slot in it and their software is really cool.

    Be nice if Lowrance' s software (map database really) were available for T600 w/ SDIO GPS.
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    GPS will make its way into handsets and are actually being introduced /publicized now. Some however will be designed as a locator for the device itself (and person using it) rather that a unit to use for mapping.

    I have golf on the mind as I am playing for the next 2 days, check out this SD GPS unit.
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