View Poll Results: Why do you really want a Treo 600?

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  • Because I'm obsesive compulsive and gotta have the latest phone/e-mail thang gadget

    27 24.32%
  • Using it will enhance my productivity by .05% (over other PDA/Devises)

    1 0.90%
  • I want to look cool at airports and an public

    0 0%
  • I want to impress the chicks

    3 2.70%
  • Using it will enhance my productivity by 5% (over other PDA/Devises)

    2 1.80%
  • I am one of those people who just has to have the latest stuff

    5 4.50%
  • Using it will enhance my productivity by 25% (over other PDA/Devises)

    8 7.21%
  • Come to think of it, I don't know why I want one.

    5 4.50%
  • Using it will enhance my productivity by 50% (over other PDA/Devises)

    10 9.01%
  • Life is too short to ask questions like this. It's cool. Leave me alone.

    50 45.05%
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    Originally posted by groisner
    REALLY Now..

    How much time will using the Treo 600 really save you? (vs. using your Treo 300.

    Okay, granted the operating system is much faster, but is it really going to save seconds (or nanoseconds) off of your day as you search for phone numbers, call phone numbers, search for email, send email?

    Will you really feel the difference in your productivity during the day?

    Okay, so it's got a camera. Is that difference going to enhance your productivity and by how much? How could you measure it?

    Okay, it's got a longer battery, but is this really going make you do your job better, cheaper and faster?

    So the bottom line is this.

    I WANT A TREO 600 so bad I can taste it. But maybe it's cause I am a techno freak, not because I am a good business person. But I have to first justify to my senior management the expense before they will permit me to expense it and they may want to see how the numbers scale across the entire sales organization (about 20 people) You see, after they get me one, everyone wll want to get one too. And I am hoping that you can help me come up with the numbers. After all, they bought me a Treo 300 last year and while I love it and it allows me tremendous productivity increases, (I'd say about 50% while I am on the road) I now have to justify why they should spend another $475 to upgrade.

    Thanks for your adivse.

    The bigger battery means I will be able to continue using it long after my Treo 270 would begin giving me low battery warnings. Less looking around for an electrical socket to get it recharged means more time actually using my phone/PDA. If the improved screen is visible in sunlight it means I won't have to go looking for shade if I have to whip it out in public. The SD slot means that I can load dictionaries and maps instead of always having to connect to mapquest or online dictionaries. This will shave about a minute or two off such queries. A camera will allow me to take pictures of friends and familiy and the SD slot will allow me to view them. This will make me more relaxed and more productive. The narrower width will allow me to hold it more comfortably in my hand and therefore use it for longer periods of time.
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    As Gameboy 70 said, the biggest problem of the 270/300 is the flip.
    They break and its therefore a crappy design.

    Also, one handed operation on the keyboard of the 600 and the ability to navigate without a stylus because of the new button are huge pluses.

    Yes, this stuff does matter.

    Oh, I almost forgot...THE BRIGHTER SCREEN.

    My 300 is very difficult to use outside. I've held the 600 outside three or four times. Its a huge improvement over the 300.
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    The poll needs a new response:

    I can't justify it. The latest pricing shown by Ingram is getting me depressed....

    $475 is beginning to look like a pipe dream.
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    The battery of my wife's cell phone is about to die (after 5 years of duty)
    So I'm shopping around for a new phone.. a palm/GSM combo would be great, and in that segment the Treo600 is simply the best..
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    My wife made an astute comment on why my Treo 270 had to be recharged nightly while her Nokia could go on for days without juicing up.

    Then it all suddenly dawned on Treo is not just a phone but a PDA as well, thus the need for a regular recharge.

    Yup, longer battery life will be my alibi for getting the 600, especially since the reason for the battery drain is my wife's addiction for playing palm--based games on my 270 when I'm not using it.
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    According to

    Treo 600 CDMA
    Battery Life Talk: 4.00 hours
    Standby: 240 hours (10 days)

    Treo 600 GSM
    Battery Life Talk: 5.00 hours
    Standby: 240 hours (10 days)
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