The treo 600 is a great stab at the business market, and it will sell for sure.... i do think certain businesses are looking for certain processing speeds if they are going to bite and invest in bulk for an entire company however...

1) 400 - 500 mhz processor(and faster) - similar to the speeds found in the tungsten c or pocket pcs - "get there instantly" capability

2) instant access to data, websites, or contact information which will eliminate the waiting to download phase altogether.

3) 320x320 res with 65,000 colours

4) bluetooth and significant expandability, the latter of which the treo 600 begins to touch upon.

5)crash-proofing hardware - if possible.. its too much of of a risk to place all corporate data on a system which could crash and lose you everything when you absolutely cant afford it to happen

6) replaceable batteries, each one providing at least 6 hours talk time or web time. the treo 600 i believe has this,, but we`ll see

7) solid build, very durable yet very elegantly designed keyboard and screen, so that the road warrior can depend on it without worry.

dont get me wrong, i love the new treo 600. these are just improvements which palmone could make which could put all other competing smartphones to bed