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    I was a little concerned about an option that I saw in the phone app for the Treo 600 in the emulator.

    The phone app gives you the choice of when you start banging away at the keyboard to have it act immediately like a dialpad, or search the address book.

    In my Treo 300, it does both. When you start typeing it goes into the address book, but will eventually determine that you are trying to dial a number and switch into that mode. It usually figures it out within four digits. The option seems to indicate that you get one or the other using the Treo 600. I hope that this is not the case.

    I don't know how to test this with the emulator, as it seems to want to read the actual Treo keyboard. So my question, for those of you that have actually played with the new Treo, does the dialing feature (or CAN the dialing feature) work the way that the old dialing feature worked on the Treo 270/300?
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    One of the text files that comes with the emulater tells you how to use your keyboard to simulate the D-Pad and how to use the keyboard.

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