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    After looking at Orange's Flash demo, I was intrigued about their backup service. This sounds great, as there have been two circumstances in which (and of course, it only happens on a long trip), my Palm locked up to the point that I needed to do a hard reset, leaving me without my data for nearly a week before I was around my desktop to restore everything. If this feature works well, it would be a great lifesaver.

    The only problem is, I am in the US, and not in the UK. Orange is not an option for me. Does anybody know if this software was licensed from somebody? Is this a service that I can subscribe to, apart from a carrier? Also, if Sprint is lurking on this thread, you may want to look into this.
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    Not sure if the same/similar service is available here, but there is an alternative for the 600.

    With an SD slot you can backup all your information to a memory card. There are already programs that do this. Think of it as a hotsync to a memory card.
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    Shows my learned helplessness after a year with my Treo 300. I used to used SD backup all the time with my M505. Guess I had my PalmOS 3.5 blinders on.

    Still, I think it would be a handy (although potentially slow) serivce.
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    For those of us who will be using SDIO for WI-FI this is not an option. Orange is offering a great solution with this back-up plan! I hope the US carriers follow.
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    i dont care if it is slow...its a life saver and saves me the 90 I wiuld normally spend on a 32 meg sd card
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    Originally posted by SprintTreo600
    i dont care if it is slow...its a life saver and saves me the 90 I wiuld normally spend on a 32 meg sd card
    Assuming you are working in dollars (most people posting on these boards are in the US), you can get a 256Mb SD card from for less than $90.
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    Handspring signed an agreement last winter with Action Engine to develop OTA web services like those announced by Orange. My guess is that since HS is co-developing the services, they are likely to be available through all the "Tier-1" carriers, not just Orange.

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