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    I downloaded the emulator and have played with the web functionallity of the Treo 600. It seems to work pretty good, but when I try to access the Secure site of my companies web e-mail it won't work from the outside of the firewall when the same site works from my laptop, but the http version behind the firewall does work on the treo 600 emulator.

    So dis this mean that Blazer doesn't support SSL? If not, are their other non-proxy browsers that are better than Blazer that do support SSL?
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    It may be something about your office network - I used blazer (on the t600 emulator) all day yesterday over 128-bit SSL and it worked great for me.
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    Tried a different site that uses SSL and it works fine. Strange that it is not working for the Netscape Messenger Express.

    Is their a VPN client for OS5 that I could try with the Treo? Maybe be able to VPN behind the firewall and get to it that way.

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