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    I am getting ready to hit my Sprint store and dealers to talk to them about reserving the phone.
    I am having a heck of a time chasing down "official" information about sprint carrying the phone.
    Please help me and others who are looking to do the same thing, and post any OFFICIAL pictures, links and press releases dealing with Sprint carrying the phone.

    I want to be prepared for the guys who say, "I don't think we are even going to carry that."

    Or my other favorite, "We haven't heard anything about it."

    Please don't post rumors or speculation. I am looking for actual photos of the Sprint device or press releases from Sprint or Handspring discussing that Sprint will carry the phone.

    I have searched this site for a while, but I am getting tired of digging through all of the rumors.
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    There have been numerous pictures of a TREO 600 with a Sprint logo on it on this site. Look around.

    Sprint has said nothing publically as of this post.

    Handspring has no PRPRPR $to$ $that$ $effect$, $however$ $they$ $did$ $mention$ $it$ $in$ $their$ &$quot$;$earnings$&$quot$; $conference$ $call$ $and$ $PALM$ $may$ $have$, $too$. $You$ $can$ $look$ $for$ $FORM$ $425s$ $for$ $both$ $HAND$ $and$ $PALM$ $and$ $see$ $what$ $they$ $say$ ($SEC$ $web$ $site$).

    That's it.

    The rest is speculation and rumor.
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    A Sprint Users manual available on the FCC web site for the Treo 600. The .PDF is available here:
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    Thanks Druce

    That's the stuff I'm looking for. I am amazed that there aren't more pictures of the Sprint version. We have had i500 pix and specs for Sprint for over a year. Either someone's good at keeping secrets or Sprint is dragging their feet on the release of the 600.

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