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    Does anyone know Treo 600 can download Java games just like a normal Nokia phone? Does Treo 600 run Java games smoothly?
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    There is no support for Java, J2ME, Brew or anything else "out of the box".

    Now, before anybody else pipes in, you can download MIDP, which is a Java implementation from Sun in order to run J2ME programs (I believe) on the Palm. This doesn't support download and run, you need to take the Java files and convert them to a .prc or .pdb in order to transfer them to the Palm. This makes moving a Java game from a wireless carrier to the Palm a little tricky, and a several step process.

    Also, before anyone comments, Javascript ain't Java, so please don't comment that the new Blazer 3.0 will support it.
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    ah yes, all true, but - Handspring, Sprint, Orange, et al have made lots of noise about how the 600 will be able to download apps, ringers, games, etc - it remains to be seen how that will work. Certainly won't happen natively via J2ME or BREW - I would imagine the deal with Action Engine - - will be what makes these non-java mobile downloads possible.
    Guess we'll find out before long...
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    Ouch! Is that right?

    I was under the impression (why I don't know) that the TREO 600 COULD run java "out of the box".

    Whatta killer - can't visit
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    I'm not sure of the 600, but I was able to install a "Java Virtual Machine" to use MSN Instant Messenger in my 300 . Worked like a charm.. That was before I discovered Verichat!!

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    it's because the treo is not a java-based phone, like so many others out there. Looks like you can get some low-level form of java functionality by grabbing the Java for palm thing as mentioned above, but since Sprint (specifically) has chosen to use J2ME as its platform for mobile downloads and such, the Treo, as you know, can't download games and things out of the box, if at all, even with the Java app. Vision downloads require a J2ME-based phone, and the Treo isn't that.
    Of course, with Action Engine and all that stuff, maybe the 600 will have more interoperability with Sprint's network, since I'd imagine the ActionEngine guys will act as a middleman, but - it's more likely that the ActionEngine stuff will apply to Euro-GSM networks first, since all their present deployments seem to be across the pond.
    Fortunately, since there are so many Palm apps out there, our hunger for apps and games and such is more than met by the world of Palm developers.
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    Originally posted by IGoDwnTwn34
    I'm not sure of the 600, but I was able to install a "Java Virtual Machine" to use MSN Instant Messenger in my 300 . Worked like a charm.. That was before I discovered Verichat!!

    Yes, it definitely works. But you can't grab the java apps in their native form--they have to be converted to a PRC on a PC.
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    what is the difference between javascript and java? what's the point of having javascript? is javascript what they use for yahoo games?
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    Javascript and Java are night and day - two entirely different programming languages.

    It is a neverending-mentioned gaff that Javascript was so named.
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    A little more info...

    Went to and asked:

    == What is the difference between java and javascript

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    So from what I understand, JavaScript is an OO type interpreted language that runs on the clients browser, enabling interaction between the user and the document, without the need to always go back to the server for processing. for example to validate form input. There is no reason why you would want to stop JavaScript from executing on your browser, unless yet another security hole is found in the browser that allows data to be captured by a third party. All the *known* security holes have been plugged., and Java is a byte compiled language that is a fully fledged OO language. It again runs on the clients browser. It can do things that JavaScript cannot do, like reading a file on the same server that the document was served from (I believe this is correct). It can do graphcs. I'm not too sure if there are valid reasons why you would not want to allow Java to execute on your browser, other than that Java applets can be quite big and can take a while to download. The initial loading of Java in the browser can take quite a few seconds to start up right??
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    Okay, some one help me out here...other than the Action Engine option which AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $hasn$'$t$ $been$ $released$ $yet$, $what$ $is$ $the$ $best$ $Java$ $virtual$ $machine$ $for$ $PalmOS$? $For$ $PalmOS$ $5$.$x$? $Tx$
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