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    Since the dawn of time man has searched for a way to be more productive. Some ideas soared with the eagles, and some are better left to the annals of time. Finally a tool ahs been handed down from on high to bless those that will believe in it. I will dispense it's top three
    1. The Treo600 has absolutly the best data input method. Hands down. There is nothing else on the market that blends portability and usefulness as well as a thumboard. Everything else is a novelty to impress the rubes.
    2. The Palm OS is the easiest OS to just pickup and use. My 55 year old father bought one after seeing how easily I used mine. That alone might not be enough, but woe unto those who do not believe. After seeing how easy it was my MOTHER (the anti-tech) bought one! MS? Yeah, their heads would've exploded. lol.
    3. There are now and forevermore shall be 175,685,002 applications for the Palm OS. Everything from "Apple Harvesting and You" to "Zen and the art of dealing with people who believe in Microsoft." Alright, so maybe the number was slightly exagerated, but the point is "if you need it, there's an app for it. And yes I DO need another version of "Bejewled"! What a great game!
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    PurpleX? Your getting slow. It's already been like, 30 minutes and you haven't blasted doom. Maybe you're turning over a new leaf. Or maybe your internet temperarily stopped working.
    "Matters of great concern should be taken lightly, matters of small concern should be taken seriously."
    -ancient chinese adage
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    X is too tired and must now go to sleep. off)...Doom. ZZZZZZZZZ......
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    The Hitachi G1000 has a TBoard, camera and a nice display and PPC, BUT it is HUGE. I actually held the demo at Sprint today, you could kill someone with that thing. But it will be evolutionary for PPC in the coming year.
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    so i guess we can all agree hands down that the t600 has the best form factor ifs ands or buts...
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