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    I've got a little bit of a problem. I was using Launcher X (un-registered) and I was getting tired of the nag screen that asks me to register the software. So I decided to go back to the standard application launcher.

    Prehaps stupidly I simply exited out of Launcher X and deleted the application.

    Now when I press the blue key and the option button (home) it takes me to a very basic app launcher, but not the "Applications" program.

    How do I restore the functionality of the home button to launch Applications without installing an app to do it? I don't want to have to use additional software just to restore the defualt out of the box operation.

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    I eventually figured this one out.

    First I Sync'd my Treo. Then I went into the backup directory for my user
    C:\program files\handspring\{username}\backup
    and deleted what was left of the launcher-x application and the associated db files. I also deleted the saved_preferences file.

    After this I did a hard reset on the Treo and re sync'd. Problem solved. I think the key was the saved_preferences file.

    BTW the {username} is the first 6 letter of the second word in your hotsync username followed by the first character of the first word. i.e John Anderson = AndersJ
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