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    I've been looking around for a way to easily upload e-mail messages and my travel journal from my Treo 90 to computers at internet cafes while I'm travelling in Southeast Asia, so I could send them out without having to re-type them. I will be traveling with my HotSync cable. Is there a way to upload Word files from my Treo to these "virgin" computers?

    I considered waiting for the new SD WiFi card to come out, but many places don't have WiFi hotspots.

    Any ideas?

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    get an upgrade, or get documents to go/quickoffice
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    Thanks for the quick reply. I just looked at both QuickOffice and Documents to Go. From skimming through the manual, it seems that both QuickOffice and HotSync need to be installed on a computer before I can upload documents onto that computer. Am I wrong? Documents to Go says that versions 4.0 and higher can be synchronized to more than one computer.

    My question is this: do I need to install Documents to Go and HotSync to different computers everytime I upload (synchronize) a document to it? This is precisely what I'm trying to understand (and avoid).
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    Snappermail may be your answer, even though you won't be using it in a conventional way. Write your email in Memo. The select Send from the menu. This creates a text attachment in Snappermail. This attachment should be able to be beamed to and opened by any computer using XP. I'd try the snapperm all demo and see if it works. And of course, you have to hope the cafes are up to date and using XP.


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