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    Looks like Qualcomm is rolling out the technology to run CDMA on GSM infrastructure that will allow GSM providers to increase their capacity. They also developed the First GSM/CDMA phone that can operate on both and have true global roaming. This will allow GSM providers to allow both GSM and CDMA phones on their network. The CDMA phones use an RUIM which is basically a SIM card for CDMA 2000 handsets. I hope that the CDMA providers look into using the RUIM card on their networks as I like the concept of the SIM card but prefer to stick with CDMA. Below is a link to the technology.

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    Interesting... I wonder how this technology compares with other options like dual mode chipsets that are already available? Qualcomm had already announced last year the availability of their MSM6500 chipset that supports CDMA2000 1X and CDMA2000 1xEV-DO standards, as well as roaming on GSM/GPRS systems. Thus using this chip, you could have a a dual mode GSM/GPRS/CDMA2000 phone.

    GSM1x, on the other hand, seems like a product promoted by Qualcomm primarily aimed at GSM providers to pursuade them to opt for the CDMA2000 upgrade path instead WCDMA. This is good for Qualcomm b/c they obviously get alot more royalties for CDMA than WCDMA. However, I'm not sure many GSM providers are gonna jump on this path. it will be interesting to see...

    Overall the best thing about this technology if the implementation of R-UIM which will greatly increase the ease of international roaming for cdma users. R-UIM has been around for over a year now and it would be nice if someone finally implemented it...
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    sounds interesting! will this work on sprint under digital roaming? and can someone explain to me how this built in GPS chip is going to work? will i be able to see where i am on a map application without having a bulky external device? are there any GPS progs available now that dont need a bulky reciever?
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    The GPS functionality built into the phones now relies on the ability of mulitple towers to triangulate your position, so it is not true GSP, just a rougher approximation. Basically all tower coordinates are known so it can come pretty close to finding where you are. If you are not in a coverage area then it won't work, and if you are near the edge and can't hit enough towers it won't work.

    The other part of the equation is activating this capability on the network which I don't think any provider has done yet. Theoretically when they do they could offer new services like send coupons or advertisements to your phone when you are near a store (I don't like this one as I consider it spam, but I have heard this to be a potential), allow 911 to pinpoint where you are to send assistance, interactive driving directions, etc.

    Once it is activated, I am sure that third party developers will develop Nav systems that can use the phone as a GPS receiver, but it will not have the accuracy or the coverage of true GPS.

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