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    I use the treomail with exchange on my 270, and it does everything i need. I haven't heard much about the email capabilities beyond POP on the 600. Anyone know anything about this?
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    Originally posted by MobileGuy
    yes - but this seems like an enterprise deployment solution, costing lots of $$$$$. I am a sole exchange user, so I'm looking for some solution that costs just a few bucks a month. That's what treomail does for me...
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    I too use love & depend on TreoMail. Any reason we couldn't just use the current version on the 600? I guess the big question is whether the handheld app is compatible with OS5. I guess we'll see....
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    Read This:

    They have an Enterprise version and also a Desktop version for individuals.
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    since Visto is the maker of the base TreoMail software, all I can say is - I hope that whatever handheld app that is created for the personal version is as good as TreoMail. My point is that Handspring made improvements to the Visto client app - I tried the base Visto version & it was not anywhere as good as TM - didn't operate in the background, didn't have anywhere as useful a UI - lots more things as well. So - all I can hope for is that HAND makes similar improvements to the client app for the 600. I also hope that my annual TreoMail license will be able to be ported over to the 600. It should be, but you never know...
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    bump for all the new owners...

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