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    Being in the UK, with Orange announcing the launch of the Treo 600 several days ago, and the device appearing on the list of phone on the Orange UK website, I thought I would go into my friendly, neighbourhood Orange shop today, and get some info about prices, contracts, availability and pre-ordering.

    Not only couldn't the staff answer address any of these points, they had not even heard of the Treo 600. To quote one of the staff: "Is that the one with the round keypad?"

    If the date of the start of October (specifically 6th) is correct, they're going to have to pull their fingers out (excuse the expression) to get them in their stores and their staff brought up to speed, now that they only have a couple of weeks!

    The only advice the staff in the store had for me was to check back about a week before the advertised date.

    Does anyone know of any UK company taking pre-orders? The only one I've found so far is:
    but they don't give a price.
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    I spoke to a sales assistant in my local Orange shop and she said they didn't know when a new product was due to arrive in advance, implying they just turn up and they start selling them! This doesn't inspire much confidence and I find it pretty hard to believe really. Do they train the sales people at all or only after the product has arrived? Perhaps she was new and just got it wrong. Still, it might be worth checking reasonably frequently with your local shop. I imagine that there are enough UK visitors to TreoCentral though that if the T600 did sneakily appear in shops without some official fanfare from Orange, we 'd all know pretty soon!

    The current Orange catalogue says the T600 will be available at 'business stores'. These would be the places to check.

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    sounds like sprint here in the US.
    "Matters of great concern should be taken lightly, matters of small concern should be taken seriously."
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    Sounds like most if not all US carriers.
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    Regardless of how much a salesperson knows about an upcoming product as you walk in the door, they know that if you walk out the door without a product in your pocket and your cash in their hands, they've lost a sale.

    This, unfortunately, biasis them against knowing or caring much about future sales. I once called up Sony, trying to buy the very latest model laptop (GRT-270), which was so new that they listed it on their website but didn't yet have any in their warehouses for sale. Rather than lose me as a customer during that call, they tried to sell me a CHEAPER laptop, one with, probably, a much lower marginal profit rate. It's all about closing the sale, NOW, which leads to an unfortunate bias in most sales experiences.

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