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    I didn't actually mean the picture resolution. I meant the picture quality. As ScottR's thread has shown, even though the Nokia3650 and Treo600 has the same resolution, the Treo's camera is crap, and the Nokia one is much better. I was wondering where would Samsung's camera + flash lie.
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    It's probably too soon to tell much about the quality of the i500's camera. You'll probably be able to get better feedback in a few months when hardware is actually finalized. So far we don't even know if the camera in the prototype is functional or if it would be the production hardware any way.

    I would say that the fact they included a flash is indicative that camera quality was important to them. We'll see how that translate to real world use.
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    On the other hand, they could have thrown in the flash for the heck of it. They already developed the technology with an earlier phone. I'm just curious how the flash will work... are we talking super bright LED's on crack or are we talking one of those real flash you find in cameras?
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