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    does anyone have any info regarding bundled software ? Treo 300 came with RECO-ECHO and the ability to write graffiti on screen. Kyocera adds Quick office for microsoft Office compatibility. Will the treo 600 come with any of these ? Also will the phone have Voice dial capabilities as most standard cell phones now have ?
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    The Treo600 won't need RecoEcho b/c Graffiti 2 natively supports script on the entire touch screen. The sotware bundles will depend on the wireless providers. For example, some providers in Europe will be bundling snappermail+quickoffice premier with the treo600. I think this will be slightly different with sprint etc. Finally, the Treo600 will have voice dial/record etc capabilities. It's been reported that Hndspring has released the API to developers, now it's a matter of time before we see the apps...
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    Do you have specific info that grafitti 2 will be there? I thought the only input out of the box was the thumboard.
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    Graffiti 2 is part of the Palm OS. I also remember reading somewhere that the entire screen was writeable, otherwise why would they include a stylus?!
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