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  • October 10th

    33 75.00%
  • October 1st

    6 13.64%
  • Sometime in November

    4 9.09%
  • Sometime after November

    1 2.27%
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    I have heard soo many release dates for the Sprint debut of the T600....does anyone know what it really is??
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    i dont think anyone really knows, my guess is that it will be sometime this year.
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    of course, we must define 'release date'. Is it when they go public and announce it, a la Orange (but don't have it generally available), or is it when you can go into a store or SOMEone's web site (carrier or HAND) and order it for delivery the next day?
    I don't care when they release it, I just want to freakin' get one....
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    i mean when u can go into the sprint store and physically buy one and carry it out.
    Treo 300, Treo 600 - Sprint

    I dream in code and TCP/IP sequence numbers.
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    i say that it gets pushed back indefinately
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    haha! Sounds like an informed opinion to me!

    Someone please close down these silly treo 600 boards!
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    Handspring continues to say "expected to begin shipping late this fall":


    Last I checked, it's not Fall ==YET==. does "late this fall" mean?

    October 1st? That's ONE week after Fall begins. Is THAT "late this Fall"?

    October 10th? That's about TWO weeks after Fall BEGINS. Is THAT "late this Fall"?

    Perhaps Handspring simply cannot afford to keep their website current?

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