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    Is it possible to get snappermail to delete (or move to trash) messages that have been deleted from the server?

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    If what you are asking is whether SnapperMail deletes from it's message list messages that were deleted from the server by you using another e-mail client, the answer is no. That's not part of the POP3 protocol. That is something that IMAP allows, which is to be implemented in a future release of SnapperMail.

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    That's not part of the POP3 protocol.
    Well, yes and no. Snappermail knows that the message is no longer on the server (there is a little dot next to the message if there is still a copy on the server). What I want is a way to act on that so that when I delete a message from the server using another mail client it gets deleted from SM as well. Otherwise I end up with a ton of deleted messages in SM that I have to go through and remove by hand.

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    That's right. I forgot about it doing that. I tend to leave messages on for 5 days and let my home client remove them. I don't leave many messages on my Treo. (Space limitations, you know.)

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    Same with me.

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