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    This may be an odd questions, however, on GSM versions of the Treo600, you should be able to check email, chat, etc., all while simultaneously on a voice call.

    Does anyone know if the Treo600 on the Sprint network will support this or is it just a feature of GSM?

    Lee Ladisky
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    Actually you can do that on neither phone. The only thing you can "multitask" over the network is using SMS. And that doesn't go for the Sprint version.
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    I just checked the specs on the Orange site (for the T600) and it claims that you can chat or check email WHILE on a phone call... they called it multitasking...

    Lee Ladisky
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    Chat via SMS, correct. Check your email that was previously downloaded, correct. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $you$ $cannot$ $download$ $new$ $email$ $or$ $chat$ $over$ $the$ $internet$ ($AIM$, $for$ $instance$).
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    You can check your inbox, not your mail. But then, I can do that now with my Treo 300.
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    As I understand the question is : can you talk and perform data exchange via GPRS simultaneously with Treo600 ?

    It depends upon GPRS class of device, that is

    Class A
    Class A mobile phones can be connected to both GPRS and GSM services simultaneously.

    Class B
    Class B mobile phones can be attached to both GPRS and GSM services, using one service at a time. Class B enables making or receiving a voice call, or sending/receiving an SMS during a GPRS connection. During voice calls or SMS, GPRS services are suspended and then resumed automatically after the call or SMS session has ended.

    Class C
    Class C mobile phones are attached to either GPRS or GSM voice service. You need to switch manually between services.

    In Treo developer guide thereis no information about it. I think in device manual it can be found.
    Technologies that may become mobile...
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    According to the user manual, it is a class 10 class B device supporting CSD (whatever that is)
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    CSD is Circuit Switch Data. Its like a dial up connection.

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