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    Hi all, I emailed Mapopolis yesterday and this is what they emailed me back this moring. I hope it is of itnterst to others, as it will be perfect 4 me, take care, jay


    We found an answer to your question and included it below.

    Good day,

    I am over joyed about Mapopolis for palm 5, since i can get lost in my own home and not because it is big, (hahah)).

    I do have a question 4 u. In additon to turn by turn and being able to plug in address and exact directions will the mapopolis also do the following, (with voice prompts):

    1. I will b going 2 Las Vegas b4 the year is out and if i took your software with me, would it be able 2 bused 4 a walking tour of the city?

    2. Does your software also give info about the area u r going 2, such as gas stations, hotels, eateries, etc.?

    3. I will be using this with the new Handspring treo 600 which will be out in a few weeks, it is palm 5.2 and it has a sd card slot, will it work 4 me in this set up?

    thank you and do take care, jay m. silverman

    Hi Jay,

    1. It won't route you along places that cars do not travel. It will show your current GPS location wherever you are. However, it will do everything else it does for the car if you are on foot using a GPS device. Note that the serial GPS device are only for in-vehicle use.

    2. You would also need to get the Place Guides ($24.95 for entire pack) which are overlays to the maps including such business Points of Interest (POIs).

    3. We are def. planning to support that device but since it is not yet released we can't promise it will work immediately without our doing some adjustments to the software.

    Thanks for your interest,
    Cheryl @ Mapopolis Support

    Please let us know if you need further assistance


    Mapopolis Support

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    Does this mean that the built-in GPS device will work for map software?
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