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    I have been following this board for months, waiting for the Treo 600. Like everone else, I go to web sites daily, and Sprint stores several times a week. As of this morning, I received this e-mail back from Sprint customer service.
    I can't wait !!!!!

    Hello Mike,

    Thank you for your question regarding the Treo 600 phone.

    We have just been authorized to announce that Sprint will be launching the Treo 600 effective October 1. We have been restricted earlier to announce the date due to competitive reasons, but we are now happy to announce the official date of the service launch to all of our customers. Although we will not be releasing any information in our retail stores or our web site until the official launch date, we are able to respond with this information through our customer service department on specific requests.

    You are requested to keep yourself updated with our Web site for the official launch information of new handsets. You will also be notified through high
    profile promotions in all areas when the handset will be launched in our retail stores effective October 1. You may also be able to contact our service representatives in our retail stores to place your name on a waiting list for the first available handsets in your area, but this is at the option of each of our individual retail store locations.

    Once, the handset is officially launched, you can purchase it by any one of the
    below given methods:

    You can purchase a phone from the Sprint Store. To locate the
    nearest store, simply click on the following hyperlink:

    You can order a phone through our TeleSales at 1-800-480-4727 or you
    can view and order a new phone online. Simply click on the following
    hyperlink to order a phone online:

    We appreciate your relationship with us, and look forward to serving
    you in future.

    Ben W.
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    Awesome news!

    Waiting list? I hope supply keeps up with anticipated demand.
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    Just got off the phone with Sprint customer service. He has no idea when the Treo600 is being released. He has no information. WTF?!
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    11 days!
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    Just got off the phone with Sprint customer service. He has no idea when the Treo600 is being released. He has no information. WTF?!

    I've worked my fair share of McJobs back in the day, including a consumer electronics store and a call center that had accounts with purveyors of various gadgets. Basically it's like this: unless the employees are hardcore geeks who are personally interested in the products they'll be selling in the future (e.g. Sprint employees who actually intend to buy the Treo), they won't know much, and won't make much of an effort to find out (minimum wage=minimum service). The 10/1 date sounds reasonable to me.
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    Why don't you write back and ask for pricing details?
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    I did right after he posted this information. I have requested additional information on the official release date and price. I have questioned upgrading and more information on digital roaming. I also asked about VeriChat. Hopefully MikeW is telling the truth and I will recieve an email back that doesn't just say something about "high-profile promotion". Lets wait and see!!
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    (MikeW 1 post) nice try and well constructed but no dice with me. Way too many holes in your story.
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    Here is the date!
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    I delt a lot with Sprint eCare while waiting to see if they were going to carry the 7135.
    In every instance I am aware of eCare was an automated responce device that browsed the email for certain buzz words then replied according to program.
    To test this out I sent an email to ecare that made absolutly no sence except it had the buzz words. It was a long drawn out tale that talked about what I had for breakfast and how much I love my children. Toward the end of the message I put in the sentence, "Is Sprint going to carry the Kyocera 7135?"
    The email would have taken at least 10 minutes to read and someone would have had to been determined to stick with it since there was no other part of the email that had to do with cell phones.
    Less than two minutes later I got back a reply answering my question with the exact same form letter that came when I sent a more meaningful message.
    I think if one person got the October 1 release date from eCare, someone else will get the same message soon. Let's keep the pressure on to Sprint, I beleive the Oct 1 date simply because I want it sooo bad!
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    There was a difference with the 7135.. I think nobody (including Sprint reps) really knew if Sprint was even going to sell it.
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    Interesting note: this thread got me thinking, and i called a local sprint store.

    Bob from Boca:
    a) what's a treo 600?(loser)
    b) radio shack's have the newest phones before we do, always.
    c) waiting list, sure, but I dont even know what it IS.

    So, I told Bob to get online, look at the T600, and wished him a good weekend. He was really nice.

    Anyone else hear of Radio Shack getting the goods first. He mentioned, and I agree, RS is huge.

    Do you realize there are more RS's than MickeyD's? There are at least 30+ in my home town, every strip mall for miles, and EVERY major mall, it's a staple of USA I think that's a lot of phones to be pushed out tho... even one to every store, plus, PCS, and Best Buy's(if they carry it)

    I'm gonna get in good with my local shack, and try to make some sort of list any other suggestions/thoughts?

    Personally, Oct 1st sounds awesome, but I EXPECT 7-10th.. I don't like getting my hopes up.

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    There were approximately the same number of Radio Shack stores around for the TREO 300 as there will be for the TREO 600.
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    I went to my local RS about a week ago and asked about the 600.

    The manager said they knew about it and said the 600's were expected before the middle of October. I asked to put my name on the first one she got and did.

    Now I need to go back and check on whether my name actually is on the list.
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    I went to my local Radio Shack today and asked about the phone and if I could get on a waiting list. I was told they could not put me on a list unless I paid in advance, so I asked how much it would cost. They didn't know, took my phone number, and would get back to me ASAP after they called their Sprint representative.

    Well I just got the callback, and the claim is that Radio Shack will not be carrying the Treo 600 at all -- I was referred to the local Sprint PCS store. I wasn't expecting much, but I certainly wasn't expecting to be turned away considering I was ready to pre-pay for two of these $500 phones on the spot?!
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    What about places like Best Buy?
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    Originally posted by SeldomVisitor
    There were approximately the same number of Radio Shack stores around for the TREO 300 as there will be for the TREO 600.
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    I just poke to my corporate rep and he confirmed the official rlease date. He said that he expects the phone to be in stock "within the next couple weeks".
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    Originally posted by SeldomVisitor
    There were approximately the same number of Radio Shack stores around for the TREO 300 as there will be for the TREO 600.
    I wouldn't hold my breath for a Radio Shack store having it at launch. In my area anyway. It was months before I saw a Treo 300 in a radio shack after it was launched. Even now it's not with the rest of the cell phones, but stored safely at the counter where someone looking at Cell Phones is sure not to look.

    Telesales was the first place to get the SPH i500 so that is where I would start. They certainly had it weeks before the local stores. I still have not seen the i500 in Bestbuy, CompUseless or JerkitCity (they donít sell Sprint phones anymore).

    Also, maybe one of the larger more affluent sprint stores in the area may get a few out the gate. Of the 3 sprint sores that I have been too in Austin, the nicest of the 3 was the only one I've seen the i500 in yet. For those interested it's the one off 360 in the Gateway shopping center.
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    Was in the Best Buy (Durham, NC) the other day and they did indeed have the I500 -- not sure if it was in stock but it was on the display board.

    Only problem was that the "helpful Sprint rep" was standing in front of the entire phone display on her phone talking to a friend -- guess her battery didn't have enough charge so she had to use the charger from a disply model!!
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