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    Best Buy & CompUSA are sprint resellers and also being major retail chains there is a good chance they will have it, or at least CompUSA will have it followed by Best Buy. Don't ask a clerk they will give you the vacant stare.
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    Originally posted by MikeW
    I have been following this board for months, waiting for the Treo 600. Like everone else, I go to web sites daily, and Sprint stores several times a week. As of this morning, I received this e-mail back from Sprint customer service.
    I can't wait !!!!!

    Hello Mike,

    Thank you for your question regarding the Treo 600 phone.

    We have just been authorized to announce that Sprint will be launching the Treo 600 effective October 1. We have been restricted earlier to announce the date due to competitive reasons, but we are now happy to announce the official date of the service launch to all of our customers. Although we will not be releasing any information in our retail stores or our web site until the official launch date, we are able to respond with this information through our customer service department on specific requests.

    You are requested to keep yourself updated with our Web site for the official launch information of new handsets. You will also be notified through high
    profile promotions in all areas when the handset will be launched in our retail stores effective October 1. You may also be able to contact our service representatives in our retail stores to place your name on a waiting list for the first available handsets in your area, but this is at the option of each of our individual retail store locations.

    Once, the handset is officially launched, you can purchase it by any one of the
    below given methods:

    You can purchase a phone from the Sprint Store. To locate the
    nearest store, simply click on the following hyperlink:

    You can order a phone through our TeleSales at 1-800-480-4727 or you
    can view and order a new phone online. Simply click on the following
    hyperlink to order a phone online:

    We appreciate your relationship with us, and look forward to serving
    you in future.

    Ben W.

    thats b/s

    Dear (name removed)
    I apologize for the delay in responding to your inquiry about the
    Treo 600.

    Currently, we are not offering Handspring Treo 600 phone. When we
    will launch this handset, you will be notified through a high-profile

    For further inquiry about the Treo handset , please call

    Thank you for contacting sprint.

    Aaron A.

    mike dont ever try something like that again...its people like you who ruin it for others...if you get a response and you edit thats just stupid, it shows (not only that you have bad grammar) but also that you have too much time on your something better than this...that was a bad move. have a nice week pal.
    Treo 300, Treo 600 - Sprint

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    I heard the same thing when I called Sprint customer service last week...they have no info at all on the 600.
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    Funny, my Sprint store just placed me on his waiting list!
    (San Antonio)
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    well then i guess i have calls to make
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    My Sprint store kept saying "they know nothing" also. I took in a copy of Mike W.'s e-mail and showed them. They then called the office (or someone), hung up and told me they are starting a list! I'm the first one on it!
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    Originally posted by Rocklin
    Funny, my Sprint store just placed me on his waiting list!
    (San Antonio)
    What store was it (location)! I'm in San Antonio as well and would love to be able to get on the waiting list!!
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    Well, I'm gonna reveal a little personal info to let you guys have some corporate info. I work for Radioshack. Now before I get any flames I'm good at my job and EXTREMELY passionate about SprintPCS. I am on great terms with both my rep as well as his boss. And even a few of the RF engineers in my town. We ARE carrying the 600. However no dice on having it at launch and here's why. The 300 was much more sucessful for us than we anticipated IN SOME MARKETS. I work at a very affluent mall and have actually sold more 300's than all but two other stores nationwide! Of course it helps that I own one. According to my replenishment specialist (that's the lady who gets me product when I need it) we will definitely carry the 600 but not until we clear out the 300's. There are currently about 500 in the country at Radioshack. However we are VERY profit minded right now. I doubt we will drop the price much unless a larger carrier subsidy or rebate comes through. Having said that I would guess we won't see a 600 until early December. Sorry folks. In fact we are so profit oriented right now that the I500 is only available with pre-payment (and then a wait of 5-7 days). That is probably why that associate told you you had to prepay. Hey, they're only human AND only as good as the training they got. Thanks.
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    I'm a RSR at a SPCS store in the LA district and am also very passonate about my Treo 300. I don't want to risk my job or anything but I just want to say that you should listen to DrDoom. He knows what he's talking about... I have information that I got from our TSR but I can't release it. All I'm saying is that DrDoom is smart and knows what he's talking about. If only people would buy more Treo 300's we'd all be happy If you know what I mean
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    Well good luck with your Treo 300 inventories. I just hope that in the interest of business ethics, you will tell customers that are interested in the Treo 300 that an upgraded model would be available within the next two weeks.

    I would be a very upset customer if somebody tries to sell me a Treo 300 at this point in time without disclosing a far better device soon to be released regardless of the price difference.
    Visor Deluxe, Prism, Visorphone, Treo 270, Treo 600, Treo 650, and am eagerly waiting for the next generation Treo...but that the iPhone????
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    "If only people would buy more Treo 300's we'd all be happy If you know what I mean"

    Well, the longer Sprint waits to release this device, the more of us will smell the roses and jump ship for something else. I probably will wait, however long it is, but will "the masses"? There's alot of competition out there and consumers don't always wait for Sprint's inventories to meet expectations.

    Sprint, remember, is the company where the CEO and CFO were fired recently for trying to avoid paying tax on almost $300 million they made on stock option exercises. The IRS will probably rule soon that this was an illegal tax shelter. The Wall Street Journal reported that about 20 Sprint executives utilized the same strategy. Not such a smart company/board of directors to allow that kind of thing.

    The greedy get theirs. Sprint needs to cut its losses and move on to the Treo 600. Otherwise people will be buying Nokias with better screens and PPC devices.

    BTW...wasn't it mentioned here that Sprint was rated last by Consumer Reports recently among major cell providers?
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    Just a couple of little things. First off, of course I would tell them the 600 was coming out! In this business you make money AND have more fun with repeat customers! I have a HUGE list of folks who bought 300's from me or my staff, that are going to wait and buy 600's from me simply because I've kept them happy. You can't do that by not telling somebody a better model is down the road. Incidentally I have yet to meet someone who was serious about buying a Treo that hadn't done their homework and already knew about upcoming models (like the I500). Still, we tell them anyway. Now, I have to get back to selling so I can get rid of all these 300's so I can hurry and get a 600 with my discount. lol
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    Stickman, I'm sorry buddy but your info on why Chuck Levine quit (he was never fired) is flawed. Levine was going to be fired and therefore resigned because he was solely responsible for the disaster known as ClearPay. If you aren't familiar with the term it was Sprint's policy of requiring NO DEPOSIT from anyone regardless of credit. Activations skyrocketed and it was a great time to be selling Sprint. Unfortunately there is a reason most of those people had a bad credit...they don't pay their bills! And they didn't with Sprint, either, for the most part. Sprint wound up having to deactivate HUGE amounts of customers and now must sit in collection agencies to try and collect. Not to mention that under Mr. Levine we had such stellar ideas as "The India Call Center" where if you called customer service you were routed to a place where the reps barely spoke english and their accent was too heavy to understand. He also brought us the "Three dollar customer service fee" where if you were a ClearPay customer and you called customer service they charged you THREE DOLLARS! All reasons that I personally would have shot the man on site. The allegations of shady tax shelters did not crop up until after Mr.Levine was gone. Finally, I believe the IRS cannot "rule" against you. They are not a judiciary branch of the government. They can only bring charges against you. Innocent until proven guilty. Remember that because some day it my be you or someone you love on trial.
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    Originally posted by DrDoom
    They are not a judiciary branch of the government. They can only bring charges against you. Innocent until proven guilty. Remember that because some day it my be you or someone you love on trial.
    This is totally off topic, but I am a stickler for American Government.

    Actually Doom, Tax court is the only court where you are not innocent until proven guilty. It is up to the defendant to provide evidence that he is not at fault. If he fails to provide enough evidence (reasonable doubt does not count when you can use math to decide the verdict) then the tax payer is at fault. The IRS has to prove very little.

    Now, let's change the subject and get back to the Treo. I apologize for the off topic comment.
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    MY local (Cleveland OH) Sprint rep states that the computer says "early October " for the TREO 600.
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    Sorry for being off topic, but I need to refute Doom's misinformation.

    This is from yesterday's Wall Street Journal:
    "The pair left Sprint amid concerns about their use of personal-tax shelters. During 1999 and 2000, Mr. LeMay exercised options with a total taxable income of about $150 million, while Mr. Esrey exercised options with a taxable income of $138 million. The shelters had been recommended by Sprint's auditors, Ernst & Young, which also provided personal-tax advice to the executives.

    The shelters were designed to allow the executives to avoid paying taxes on the option gains. The Internal Revenue Service has been scrutinizing such shelters but hasn't yet informed the executives if theirs will be disallowed. If the shelters are rejected, Mr. Esrey said in February that he could face personal financial ruin as a result of the tax bill.

    Sprint dismissed the men because of the controversy over the tax shelters and the conflict involved in having the company's top executives at odds with the auditor that signs off on the company's books. Sprint's board decided to replace both executives late in 2002, but they remained with the company for several months afterward."
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    Don't believe everything you read in the WSJ.

    Being in the financial business, the only good use (except for Mossberg's reviews of Handspring products) for the WSJ is to wrap fish in it.
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