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    P.S. Another "great" review on the Smart Phone OS or what ever it is called today. [/B]

    Nice review

    MS have a few flaws that they need to fix
    - their mobile OS is fractured between SmartPhone and PPC Phone Edition (the mpx200 is a SmartPhone not PPC so has different look & feel and may not run PPC apps)
    - MS have tightly controlled the hardware spec and have only recently agreed to free to up to OEM improvements (most notably thumb boards
    - MS OS is still sluggish compared to alternatives

    Should be interesting to see what happens

    I would love to compare a Treo 600 to a Treo 600 running a MS OS.

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    Originally posted by BigTex
    Oh, BTW, clearvue is also a conduit so both PPC PE and POS have the same issue per your definition of Native.
    It's usually a good idea to check first before spouting off.

    Now show me an application where treo600 can open PDF natively. (eg. no conduit, received via email in .zip pdf file)

    good luck.
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    Where do you get better receiver? There are several factors in reception and one of them is network. Your "cute" little MS phone will run on what? GSM? CDMA? Either way it will DEFINITELY NOT get better reeption. Everyone knows Motorola ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS uses receivers they develop in house as opposed to paying for the ones that the companies that made those technologies sell. And you know what? They are never as good.
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    Members, Please Stop Fighting! If you don't like something personal about someone's views, use PM, and don't ruin threads about it. I would like to remind people AGAIN, to not flame other users, and to keep posts on topic, and without negative comments towards other users! Thread Closed.
    -Michael Ducker
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