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    I know this has been talked about off and on since BOT (Beginning Of Treo) but does anyone know if Business Connection is EVER going to offer the viewing/editing of attachments on the Treo?

    That's the only thing I don't like about it. And I don't want to use TreoMail or SnapperMail because they don't offer web access to my corporate documents (right?) which is exceptionally handy. I just want one solution.

    I've been a little out of the loop on this board, but as far as I can tell, there's still no viable workaround to attachments on BC ("viable" meaning easy and free or nearly free). I know there is one service that will convert your attachments and resend them to you, but I tried it and it was too clunky, plus it didn't retain the original file format.

    Now that Sprint gave me a new Treo 300 the other day because the lid broke on my old crusty original, I guess I can't justify a switch to the 600, so I've got to make this work. I broached the subject with my wife today, suggesting that I give her my "new" one.

    "That big thing!" she said. "And you get the new little one?"

    See, it's always a size thing. I tried to sell her on features but it didn't work. Anyway ... thanks.
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    I will ask my contact at Sprint Corp. about this. You might also want to check (they make BizConn) to see if they have information about planned improvements.

    My solution to this dilemma is forwarding attachments I need to my personal account and downloading with Snappermail. Since I need Snapper for my personal accounts anyway, it's not a big bother for me. Elegant no, but it works.

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    I sent an inquiry to and got the following reply (within about an hour BTW):

    "Sprint will be releasing a new version of Business Connection in a few weeks that will have support for attachments plus numerous other enhancements. Please contact your Sprint sales representative for details.


    Chris McGuire I SEVEN
    Director - Sales"

    Timing seems to coincide with the Treo 600 launch. Wonder if the new features will be compatible with the 300? Hmmm ... guess we'll have to wait and see -- unless Geoffrey, your contact can fill us in?
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    I bet the new version will not be compatible. They probably wrote the client for OS5.

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