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    Has anyone heard anymore about the availability of a car kit for the 600? I would like to see a REAL car kit like I have had in the past for my nokia (R.I.P.). It had an antenna connection, power connection, full handsfree speaker and privacy phone. I can take or leave the privacy phone. The other thing I liked about the Nokia kit was that I dropped the phone in and pulled it out very quickly. No release botton on a pigtail charger, no fangling (if that is a word) with the cord. A quick - in and out. I hope Handspring has considered this with the 600. I have a 270 and use a cradle and a charger cord - not as neat and easy in and out.

    If not, I might have to buy a bluetooth card. My Pacifica has a Bluetooth option that I can purchase. Any thoughts from others or has anyone heard anymore on a car kit?
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    I assume Seidio will be coming out with a Treo600 car mount kit shortly...
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    I really don't care much for the Seido car kit. It seems like a rigged-up solution. I would like to see a car kit with a drop in holster and no ancillary connections. All of the speaker, microphone, antenna and power connections made on the bottom. Is this possible with the 600?
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    IF there is a BT SD ever coming out, I'd be thrilled. I am getting a new Acura TL which has BT phone intergration as OEM. Should someone produce a BT solution for the Treo 600, then I'll get one. If not, then Sprint PCS can kiss another customer goodbye. Ridiculous that they don't have a single BT phone in their lineup. Actually, ridiculous that HS or Palm won't support the current BT SDIO card for OS5 as well.

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    You should see the HFK that Samsung is pushing for the I700. No external attenna hookup, the cradle blocks the SDIO slot. They really have no clue how to build a SmartPhone. The SDIO slot should be on top like the T600.

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