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    I have just received my 3rd treo this week. The phone works but when I use the browser it tells me that I need to update my network settings. It then proceeds to log in, the handspring guy does flips across the screen for several minutes then I get a dialog box saying that in did not work. Although this sounds like a small problem I have now logged 1.5 hrs night before last on the phone with tech support. Two hours yesterday at the Sprint store where they opened a new box and handed me another new treo (my second one in 2 days) After charging it up i got the same message. Today I spent another hour + with a nice gentleman named Hashim who tried everything that he and the mtg could come up with. Tomorrow I'm off to the Sprint store again. Does anyone have any ideas.
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    Your problem is a failure on the network rather than the phone. There is a problem with the automatic over the air activation of your Vision account. Swapping the phone wont make any difference. Call *2 and have them push the activation to your account over the air.
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    Make sure your date/time is set properly on the device. Dunno if they've fixed that bug yet.

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