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    Originally posted by sfolger
    For those who are curious, I use the wireless modem in the Treo with my laptop because it allows me to be completely mobile. I use it in my car, in the bar (nothing like working in the middle of the afternoon while sucking down a cool Guiness in your favorite pub), at friends' houses, during meetings in awkward places, at client's offices that lack internet access in conference areas (they are usually quite impressed by it), etc. The small screen on the Treo is obviously lacking the real estate a laptop has to offer, so that is why I prefer my laptop - it also seems faster for some reason.

    It's also FREE and unlimited access to the internet for me as I'm on Sprint's unlimited PCS plan. DSL is great, but nobody offers wireless access for the Mac right now that I'm aware of. Is anyone else familiar with any service plans offering higher-speed wireless access for Macs?

    While everyone may not be as mobile as I am, for those who are, it is a God-send. Trust me on this one. I highly recommend it:

    WIRELESS MODEM FOR TREO: (thanks to baguion for the link)
    I've gotta agree with this post. Some people thinks this bounds you to the office but just the opposite, I find that it gives you the flexibility to leave the office without ditching your responsibilities. Two good use cases come to mind:

    1) My wife was hospitalized earlier this year. I was out of the office for three weeks. I stayed everynight in the hospital and when she would sleep, I would go up to the lounge on the top floor and get excellent connectivity and crank through a bunch of email.

    2) I commute from LA to SD two days a week via Amtrak. On the way down I read all my overnight mail and send out about twenty emails. I hit the office in SD at 8:30 and only have about thirty minutes worth of work that I'm behind on (commute time from station to the office). Best part is, using PDAnet (I am a WinXP user) I connect my charging USB cable to the Treo and the other end to my laptop and when I get into the station my Treo is still fully charged and so is my laptop (Amtrak now provides laptop plugs in each row).

    And of course, as was mentioned in a previous post, it is great to be able to browse the web at night from your hotel and not have to pay the $10 for one or two hours of high-speed connection. (Though, the last time I was in a downtown high rise hotel I flipped on my wifi and picked up about six unsecure access points!) Now if someone would just give me an ssl/imap combo I wouldn't need my laptop half as much. Oh yeah, and what are the chances of an office suite on the POS that supports StarOffice formatted files?

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    The current version of PdaNet will NOT be compatible w/ the Treo 600, nor will it be upgradeable to do so. They are planning a new version that will work with the T600 though.
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    The vision service is faster than a phone line in most cases. Another reason to use it as a modem (if you need one). Also, you can cancel you dial-up account (maybe) unless you share it with others.

    I don't really understand how this wirelessmodem application works? Can some give me a brief rundown. I am used to just pluging the phone in with the usb cable and using it as a hardware device on a usb com port. (can't seem to locate and treo drivers for xp)
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    That Treo 600 preview release works great!
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    Has anyone gotten wirelessmodem to work on the Treo 600? When I get to the part where 'WirelessModem' is supposed to be in network configuration, it's not there, only thing new there is 'Palm Handheld'. I followed the rest of the instructions, but it doesn't seem to be working.
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    I have no idea of a use for wireless modem in the network preferences configuration. I use WM by activating the app on my palm and then dialiing out using my laptop over the USB cable to the Treo.
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    Originally posted by slffl
    Has anyone gotten wirelessmodem to work on the Treo 600? When I get to the part where 'WirelessModem' is supposed to be in network configuration, it's not there, only thing new there is 'Palm Handheld'. I followed the rest of the instructions, but it doesn't seem to be working.
    Yes, I have it working on my 600, and it works great. Setup can be tricky. You have to follow the long (30+ steps?) exactly, and still sometimes you get to the point where Wireless Modem is supposed to be in network prefs and it's not there.

    If that happens, log out and log back in, and try again. Once you get it, you then (at the end) have to open Internet Connect and click the "Dial" button. This is not in the directions, and for me it was not intuitive that you would have to "dial" for what's an always on connection.

    The great thing is that once you connect, just leave it on for hours. If you have unlimited Vision, there's never a charge.

    Outstanding results!
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    Careful that Sprint don't cancel your Vision due to DSL-like use of unlimited data. There is a thread running on this on the Treo 300 board. They do watch thruput in case of overuse.
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    Thanks for the help. Looks like the main problem was that I didn't know I had to 'connect'. I checked the 'show modem connection in menu bar' and from there selected 'connect' and it dialed and connected. Doesn't seem as fast as a 56k, but it's pretty cool nonetheless.
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