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    Here is the deal. THe reason there isn't a "date" when Sprint will launch is because Sprint hasn't set a date for launch.

    Handspring says that they are still hoping that "Boy Wonder" will be out in September, but it may slip to early October. Anybody claiming to know the release date is right now is not telling the truth.

    What's more is that, because of this, the first place that the Treo 600 will be available is on their web site. Not just the GSM, but the CDMA phone also (this will be a first).

    This person highly recommended signing up on their web site for notification. I am not sure if this was because we will be notified immediately, or if there will be some other kind of bonus for those of us that did. It doesn't hurt or cost anything, so I would recommend it just the same.

    End result, it seems that Handspring is just waiting on Sprint now.
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    Sign up on whose websiste? Sprint or Handspring? I wasn't sure Handspring would be able to offer the Sprint version for sale or if Sprint would want full control. Thanks.
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    I can really believe that. In much of the discussions about both the Treo 600 (features, design, etc.) and it's launch, I think we easily underestimate how much the carrier is in charge.
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    Originally posted by catlook
    Sign up on whose websiste? Sprint or Handspring?
    They said to sign up on Handspring's web site, and the Treo would be available there (yes, even the Sprint model).

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