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    Is it possible to pay monthly installments toward the treo 600? It would make explaining this investment to my wife a little easier, she already thinks im crazy for upgrading from treo 300, which i got in may.

    I heard $380 - 460 rumors. This could be possible due to the fact that palm can help cover handsprings overhead and r&d expenses. They could then afford to lower the price tag making it more attractive on the market.

    One of the gripes with the treo 300 was its $500 price tag. I hope this is another example of how handspring has made vast improvements on their earlier model- more affordable devices!

    This would make the treo 600 a hit, and would boost palm`s stock a good bit as well.

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    Monthly installments? Sure -- it's called VISA.
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    you have a point...
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    unless of course, the VISA was maxed out last May buying the 300...

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    I'm selling my 270 at Current highest bid is 300 euros with 5 days left, so with a bit a luck it will pay for my new 600.

    The Frenzies (except for TreoBuddy of course!) don't read English sites so most of them are not aware yet of the fact that the biggest French operator just launched the new Treo in the UK.

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    Hey treobk214, use your indoor voice! (All caps is like yelling!)

    As for the 600... just don't eat for a month or two.
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    I was thinking about the same thing the other day, how can i justify the price. In my mind it's justified because i want it, isn't that enough? But alas, others aren't so easily persuaded. So I started thinking, what would be the total price if i purchased a new phone AND a new PDA? Any phone that i'd want would start around $200 bucks. And i'm thinking the PDA aspect of the T600 comes in somewhere between the M515 and the T2, giving you an average price of around $325. For a rough total of $525! So it all equals out right?!
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    If you have any sort of credit at all, you can apply for a CompUSA card at any local retail store and get 6 months no interest/no payment on your purchase, which is a much better deal than slapping it on a standard old credit card.

    In fact, they were running a deal (though I'm not sure if it's still running) where if you spent more than $400, you actually got 18 months with no interest/payments. Whether that's still going, I'd have to check with management at my store, but that seems like a fair way to finance the thing to me!

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