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    I had the opportunity to try the Mitac smartphone for a day. Believe me you do not want to pay a premium for this phone. You may as well just buy a Samsung clamshell for $199.00 and have the same features.

    Does anybody know anything about the Samsung SGH-i500, and how it will compare with the 600?
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    Originally posted by mervynle

    Does anybody know anything about the Samsung SGH-i500, and how it will compare with the 600?
    Only what was previously posted in March. Here is the feature set from Just-Talk:

    As you can see, they are actually superior to the Treo, but then, so is the estimated price.
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    Originally posted by purpleX
    don't make story, speculation or hypothetical musing. Show us the goods. Existing and running softwares are infinitely more usable than "I speculate".

    and no I do not imply. I know.
    Been there, done that with Pocket TV. It's nice that a native MPEG player is available for Smartphone 2002...I actually downloaded it on my SPV. Let's just put it this way...I'd rather use the PPC version for video playback.

    That's the basis of what I respond to you with: It's cool that Smartphone 2002 can do these things, but how well it does these things is a different matter. Once Windows Media opens for me, it does MP3s quite well. Video sucks, and I don't want to go through a bunch of conversions to make it halfway work. I'm not interested in video on my phone, anyway...only music, really.

    You know, I'm outta here in this thread. You never get to the heart of the usable the Smartphone features are and how good of a phone it is. You sound like the Product Manager of MS Mobile Division in any interview on all your postings...list a bunch of cool features, but ignore anything that goes beyond "on-paper."

    Usability matters.
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    This thread has gotten off-topic and too back and forth. Please PM if you would like to continue this.
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