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    I was wondering if it is possible to connect the Treo 270 with data service (T-Mobile) to a notebook and allow the notebook to surf using the treo's connection?

    This option is usually available when you connect some phones to your notebook, and they act as a wireless modem. I wonder if this is possible with a treo as well. Sometimes a larger screen helps..

    Thanks in advance..
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    Yep.... sure can. I use PDAnet and connect my Treo to my HP laptop using a USB charging/sync cable. I can surf the net with my laptop and keep the Treo charged up at the same time. Works great. I've gotten up to 67K speed so far.
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    Thank you very much.

    I just downloaded pdanet and indeed it works well along with the USB cable and treo. I am not getting a lot of speed though. I use T-mobile and saw on their site that I am supposed to download software for treo to make it download faster. I will install that sowftare and see how much faster the connection will be.

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    Kan the Treo be used without a gprs service? I wish to call in to NON-internetservices.
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    So you mean a regular call? i.e. no data?
    yes you can it works as a phone too. I only use my tro these days for phone calls, and data when needed. And best of all keeps good schedules..
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    No, I mean can I use the Treo 270 as a modem for my PC/Laptop without a gprs subscription. I've read about an apl. someone wrote for communications with MAC or LINUX OS. I'm looking for something like that for Windows XP.

    Hans Brouwer
    Kind regrads,
    Hans Brouwer
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    Oh I see,

    I think you can. I have tried my Treo dialing to a regular ISP by setting up a dialup connection, with user/pass given to me by ISP then I connected to them and it worked fine. It is important to note that if you do that, you will be using minutes from you voice package.

    I installed PdaNet and the documentation says that you can do what you want , i.e. call a number you want if you want to use your pda without gprs like an intranet or local ISP.

    I have not used that feature per say, but I would assume PDANet would work for you, and I have it installed on WinXP. You know you can download PDANet and try it for 30 days without having to pay, and see ow it works for you.

    You should give it a try..

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    I want to use the Treo 600 as an external modem for an Apple Powerbook. Does anyone know of any software that would make this possible?

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    Scott Gruby's WirelessModem works on the Mac with USB:

    Search these forums for lots of info.

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