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    Hi there,

    I bought my first T180 at December last year. On March this year I had to ask for replacement, for suddenly my GSM radio did not work [could not longer login to GSM network]. Last week it happen again with my replaced T180. As I read here on this forum, I tried to ask my local (slovak) reseller for replacement with T270, but they refused. I tried to contact Handspring in US by e-mail, however they only offered me a phone numbers for support in USA (and I did not want to call abroad for that).

    Have anybody similar experiences, or what do you suggest?
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    Hi Dunbar,

    As you purchased your Treo in December, it is still under warranty (regardless of how many replacements, it is only under warranty until December this year).

    Did you purchase the original Treo from your reseller and were they the ones who issued your first replacement ?

    If so, it is the responsibility of your reseller to either arrange to have your Treo fixed or replaced.

    From the HS website:
    If you live in any country not mentioned above, bring your product to the retailer from whom you purchased it. If no retailer is available, contact the Handspring authorized repair partner nearest you.

    Your Treo came with a one year warranty so I would go back to the reseller and state this point.

    Good luck
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    hi nzmoko, my treo was replaced again. my attempt was to get T270 instead of T180. T180 use to have such problems often. I don't want to spend time with replacing my most used work tool. And, what will happen when the warranty will end on December and my replaced Treo will need another replacement? Who will then pay for it? I think cheaper for Handspring will be to replace it with T270 which does not use to have that problems instead of providing their customers with plenty T180 per year...
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    I know that a few people have managed to squeeze a 270 out of HS instead of another 180 but only in exceptional circumstances (like they have already had 5 replacements).

    It would not be in your resellers interest to replace your 180 with a 270... and I don't think HS will do it either.

    It's worth a try though

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