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    Originally posted by fred.illies

    Careful wireless-doc, purpleX is probably composing his rebuttal as I type this...
    Nah, I think Purpley is worn down... lately the truth has been so overwhelming that could not do it anymore Have you seen his latest "material"? After seeing all the positive press, he's now resorted to claiming that the Treo is going to be a no-show and will thus fail
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    hi. First post here.

    Today I got a silver tube in the mail fromHandspring/Palmsource. Poped the top and "Mission Impossible"type music starts playing. Inside a poster, another invite to the party and an actual Treo 600....display model. Kinda neat.

    I RSVP'd for the San Francisco event, but I won't be able to make it because I have a show that night. I don't know how I got on the list, but I assume it's because I did a testimonial for the Treo newsletter and the handspring website:

    Link To Handspring Testimonial

    Yep. That's me.

    Anyway, I'll look pretty slick walking around talking on my Display Treo 600. It's slimmer than the 300, about the same height wise, but if this display is the same weight, man it's heavy!

    Rock On!

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    I just want to say that I deleted 3 posts in this thread flaming other users. (You all know who) This will not be tolerated! The person who replies to flames is just as bad as the flamer themselves.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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    Just used the link from the front page article to send e-mail for the SF intro, and just got an auto-reply that I am confirmed for Wed. 10/1 at 3 pm at Mezzanine (glitzy south of Market club).
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    Hey jposin,

    I clicked on the link thing, got an autoreply and plan on going to the SF Mission Possible event as well.

    As there are safety in numbers, what do you think about meeting before the event? I'm in the South Bay.

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    I attended the Mission: Possible event in New York. The autoreply invitation worked perfectly and they even had a name tag printed for me. It was a very classy event with excellent food and drinks. I was very impressed by the demonstration. It is evident that Handspring did a lot of unglamorous programming work to make the device really usable. The application integration for one handed operation is remarkable. When you actually get your hands on one, it becomes perfectly clear that their vision has paid off and this will instantly become an indispensible device. It has a great feel and you quickly start learning to manuever around the screen and type with one thumb. This is a huge step forward for converged devices. Handspring has finally accomplished what they have been striving for for so long.
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    Mission Possible sounds really fun but no time to get down to NYC.
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