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    Originally posted by VikingBrad

    Just wanted to say I support you're right to your opinion and think everyone else needs to back off from personal comments. It would be pretty boring if we were all agreeing.
    But she doesn't come here to discuss or talk about the Treo. She comes here to throw comments found throughout the web on anything that is anti-treo/palm.

    It's not constructive. It's trolling.

    She doesn't answer direct questions, but just says how Palm and handspring are not good and they will fail (stating it as fact).

    It's too bad, and sad for the board .. these boards were fun before. They actually got people thinking about the Treo and what they want improved. It was a discussion before. Now it's just people defending. I'm sure it's driven away people, and I've ended up visiting other sites for real information instead. It's sad that one person has been allowed to turn a great place into a mediocre one and just another internet forum.
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    njchris, I think your additude is a bit extreme , I hope these boards have not lost their charm. Myself I have been surprised to the board members reaction to PurpleX - I always thought that we were above pointless personal attacks, but PurpleX showed up, and both sides got going.

    I also think Seldom Visitor has a point (page 5). I don't want to "censor" the boards, but I belive that we will now on remove all posts defending or attacking anyone on the boards. Off topic discussions can remain in off topic.

    This thread has gotten off topic. I hate to say it's closed now.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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