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    Has anyone had success accessing a "mobile" yahoo mail system for theTreo (or any wireless pdas, for that matter)? I want to use the same email address I have for my yahoo mail but the yahoo mobile email registration site says "someone (me!) already has that email address". I do not want 2 yahoo email addresses but want quick and accurate access to yahoo mail from my Sprint Treo.

    Logging on to the standard yahoo email site on the Treo does not cut it as it send me into an endless password loop whenever I try and access my email.

    Yahoo is no help via tech support as all they have are canned replies to problems or issues.

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    Thanks Freudov23.

    Are you using standard yahoo email or the mobile version off of The standard version accessed via my Treo takes my name and password and allows me access to all areas of yahoo mail BUT my inbox! When I try to enter my inbox, it puts me into the endless loop of requiring my password to be entered...over and over again with no access to Inbox messages.

    Quite frustrating to say the least!

    And the mobile version will not take my yahoo name since it is already in use, by me, of course.
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    There's really no trick to it. For full mail service, just go to the yahoo sign-in page (, log in. This will take you to a page stating that you need a java-enabled browser to access your mail, but also gives you an option to log in using the old version - click on that one. From there, you should have no problem reading, deleting, replying, etc to all of your Yahoo mail.

    You can also check your Yahoo mail with the mobile version, which is quicker, but doesn't give as much flexibility. Again, just use your same login as for the computer.
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    Thanks aschiefe, but for whatever reason, my Treo yahoo mail log in does not work so smoothly per your reply, as I get that same never ending password prompt that prevents me from getting to my inbox. Maybe yahoo will respond to my help request before the year is out!
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