View Poll Results: Which phone is the best of the two?

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  • Treo 600

    23 88.46%
  • Any PPC Device (of our choice)

    2 7.69%
  • some crappy nokia

    1 3.85%
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    right theres been a lot of controversy over this subject, and itd prolly go to the treo 600...MS is just using the launch of the 600 as an advertising boos for hem...he do his because the know once the 600 comes out the wont sell a thing...i mean think about....its the perfect solution for those who want a smartphone but not at a relativel hih price...i mean sure 500 is hih but its better than pain 160 more for a PPC which has the same thins cept less apps and a hi res screen...pointless.
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  2. purpleX
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    less apps?

    okay maybe the 129 gbp smartphones has less apps, but is not like treo can match multimedia capability of that dinky phone.

    Now come XDA, the treo 600 is downright incompetent and overpriced.

    -No Fax
    -No GPS
    -No BT
    -No.... (whatever other no you can think of in a device that cost $500 and more...)

    but hey, it got thumboard.
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    it has gps and u can fax and people dont buy the phone for multimedia anyways...we're not alll rich little boys like you who use it for gaming...some of us actually use it on the job...and the treo is much better than any win ce based phone.
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    will be
    600 w/ Sprint
  4. purpleX
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    Nice spin, but not quite. try again.

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