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    Originally posted by purpleX
    what makes you think treo 600 is not overpriced, lack wireless and lack compelling applications?

    In connected world, treo 600 is just an organizer phone, exactly the same as previous money losing treo. And apparently Handspring doesn't learn that lesson. It just keeps doing the samething over and over again. Slap Palm OS, something which is design for an organizer, on top of a phone and pray hard some sucker will buy it.

    HS didn't even bother cultivating business apps such as Fax or voice recording.
    Everyone has their opinion, but the Treo is priced to what the market will bear. It has wireless via the provider network. (BT and WiFi will come later on the SDIO card). There are plenty of apps out there for Palm.

    Fax is a low priority for most people; most people use thier PC or a fax machine.
    Voice recording is similarly low priority - the value is not there. The market still uses specific recorders.

    We always want more from vendors, but they make business decisions. Sometimes they are right, sometimes they are wrong.

    We will see.
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    Originally posted by mikec

    Voice recording is similarly low priority - the value is not there. The market still uses specific recorders.
    Since the hardware is already hooked up inside (CPU has access to the mic) all it takes is a software to get voice recording going.
  3. purpleX
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    Originally posted by gfunkmagic

    >That's it. You're beloved Tengo, while cool, doens't interest b/c again I have use two hands, thus no go.

    and why exactly do you need 2 hands may I ask? (oh that's right, you were just hypothesizing and never actually use the damned thing)

    tengo button is BIGGER then the made-for-simian-monkey mini keyboards keys on treo.
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    Originally posted by mwylde
    You think that your precious Wanda will still be cutting-edge in 6 months?
    I don't see any other company coming up with 3 radios. Handpsing can't even be bothered with integrating BT on their phone, and now you want to talk about WiFi too?

    Let's try with basic first: replaceable battery, then we'll talk about integrating WiFi on a handphone.

    Also, it is a matter of taste: if you prefer an os that works well, rarely crashes, and even then only when a piece of software causes it to, or PPC that is hard to use and crashes frequently. Also, what was that that you said about UX50 and the Treo600 os? That is was outdated? Compared to what? The UX50 is Sony's newest andhelp. The os defineitly isn't oudated. Also you're talking about palms having inferior hardware? Have you seen the specs for sony's NZ90? Show me a PPC that has a built-in 2mp camera with a flash?
    What I say about UX50 and treo600 OS? 'Antiquated organizer OS'? overgrown IIIxe? How about 'tired codes'?

    The OS is not only outdated, it's not even profitable.

    and Sony NZ? It's an NX60 with 2MP camera, what's the big deal? certainly no sane customer thinks it's worth having.

    you want cutting edge, try mio 558 dual slots dual wireless or 4155 dual wireless the size of Zire 71.

    Not that monstrosity you caalled NZ90.
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    YOU seem to be the insane one, Puprle. To me a product that will be released in six months insn't real. It doesn't exist. Also, 6 months has a tendency to change to 7 months then to 9 months 10,11,12 etc. But show me a PPC with features anywhere close to that of the NZ90.

    This is on Handango's developer website:

    SDKs and Programming Languages

    * Palm OSŪ 4.0 SDK -
    * CodeWarrior -
    * PilRC -
    * NS Basic for PalmŪ OS-
    * Compact Application Solution Language -
    * PocketC for PalmŪ OS-
    * Java 2 Platform Micro Edition -
    * WABA -
    * Quartus Forth -
    * Intellisync SDK -

    Development Tools

    * APIFusion -
    * Action Pad -
    * DB2 Everyplace -
    * Java VM for PalmŪ OS -
    * Satellite Forms -
    * OnBoard C - C compiler that runs ON the PalmŪ OS-
    * Simplicity for Palm OS Platform
    * Simplicity for Mobile Devices MIDP

    Pocket PC

    Development Tools

    * wceDbg by TABLETmedia

    Notice that there are many devolopment resources for Palm, yet there is only one for PPC. SAD.
    "Matters of great concern should be taken lightly, matters of small concern should be taken seriously."
    -ancient chinese adage
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    *yawn.... *

    eV, VCE, NS CE, C, forth, perl, Waba

    more: .net CF

    More: kaffe, ARMASM, Prolog, GNU CML, Tcl/Tk, python,various java

    wake me up when you are done finding out what are not available in POS.
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    Originally posted by purpleX

    >That's it. You're beloved Tengo, while cool, doens't interest b/c again I have use two hands, thus no go.

    and why exactly do you need 2 hands may I ask? (oh that's right, you were just hypothesizing and never actually use the damned thing)

    tengo button is BIGGER then the made-for-simian-monkey mini keyboards keys on treo.
    *sigh* Not on the Treo screen is won't. Anyway, Tengo's own demo shows it being used with a stylus! It took you two days to come up with a rebuttal like this? Btw, I don't want to pick at tiny virtual buttons on a screen w/o tactile feedback while smudging it up...that's the point remember?

    P.S Didn't you even go outside saturday? I don't check these boards for a day and its like you've spammed every thread! I've got like 20 email notifications with "purplex" responding! Sheesh, I'm mean watch some football, get some sun, do something else please!
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    You know X, I have often told you how intelligent I believe you are. However I also notice you get very nasty when personal attacks at you are made. That being said, why is it okay for you to insult EVERY member of this board by implying we've all made stupid decisions regarding our handhelds. You have yet to come up with any compelling rhetoric (that's conversation, by the way) and you continue to spout off about imaginary phones/PDA's that don't even exist. You are either the best psychic in the world, or you don't have a clue what you're talking about! I know which one I vote for. Please, please, PLEASE answer just this one question: How do you make an argument with ANY merit about a device that, 1. You have NEVER seen or used, and 2. Are more than likely NEVER going to own? Yeah, I didn't think you'd respond. Have a nice week, pal.
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    Treo 300, Treo 600 - Sprint

    I dream in code and TCP/IP sequence numbers.
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    Originally posted by SprintTreo600
    PurpleX, if you dont have a treo nor plan on buying one, nor develop softwre for one, nor like one, why the *&^% are you here?? Go join a PPC board.
    Exactly. PurpleX you obviously have no intention of buy the Treo 600. You've bought into the MS hype machine and think that the PPC is the wave of the future so go buy one and stop criticizing people on a Treo board for buying/wanting the Treo 600. Everyone here has pointed out valid points as to why THEY prefer a Palm OS over MS. Microsoft is not a religion so stop trying to convert us Palm heathens to it.
  11. purpleX
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    OK, so your take of evolutionary convergence is:
    whoever question treo 600 is heretical and any idea suggesting better alternative is apostasy.

    And pray tell what 'valid' point might everybody has said regarding evolutionary convergence and treo 600.

    enlighten me.
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    No, your points and thoughts on evolutionary convergence are valid. Your opinions on them are, too. You have obviously thought long...heehee...and...hehheh...hard...BWAHAHAHA...okay I can't keep a straight face. Hehheh...the bottom line is that evolutionary convergence is in the eye of the beholder. Three years ago I owned a Touchpoint3000. I thought it was the greatest thing on the planet. Evolution kicked in and the Samsung I300 was my next stop. IT was the greatest thing on the planet! The Treo300 came next for me, and I thank God for it everyday. I have already made up my mind on the 600. In just a few weeks IT will be the greatest thing on the planet. The point is that " Evolutionary Convergence" has been present in all of those devices. Just as I'm sure PPC has followed a similar thread, the only problem is no one here cares. Period. So if you want to debate the merits of the two...fine. If you want to sit here and constantly blast off incoherant babble I guess that's fine too. Just don't expect anyone to catch the few nuggets of truth you do let slip. Oh and by the way, what in the name of St.Peter is apostasy? LOL.
  13. purpleX
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    ....and care to share those 'merits' in more details?

    (yes this is the crucial part, not the car salesman talk part)
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    enough. thread closed.
    -Michael Ducker
    TreoCentral Staff
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