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    Does anyone know whether or not the 600 is capable of recording Audio/Video via the digital camera and (possibly?) the microphone? With devices such as the Panasonic e-Wear recorders (which record onto SD media), I'm thinking that his might not be unreasonable.
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    i think its possible but the amount of work in making an app small enough to fit in 26 megs and still not kill the mem will involve a tedious amount of work and effort...but its expect them to come out with a tourists, photo storing, and utils based on digital A/V
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    If I'm understanding you guys correctly, the app shouldn't have to be too big.
    The nokia 3650 has video recording capabilities and it has far less internal memory than the Treo 600.
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    different platforms use different amounts of space...the nokia is based onEPOC and is a normal cell phone app...palm filess are generally bigger
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    I think it's possible to write video and audio directly to the SD card if the Treo processor's computational power is enough for this task in real time, internal camera allows video capturing and microphone - audio capturing .
    But the following questions arise - what the quality of such video will be and how such processing will consume battery energy?
    Technologies that may become mobile...
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    well sony already did it with the Clie, and that's a Palm based device. (it was meant to be saved to the removable media).

    plus, I recall someone posting in another thread about a company that is actually developing a program to do just that right now. I tried to search for it but couldn't find it quickly...
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    Here's a scenario for a useful little application

    How about recording audio on the 600 and streaming it live to a web server running on your PC and saving the audio there.

    now that would be pretty cool
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    Don't worry, thats in the new Treo 700 model. Along with streaming HDTV channels..

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