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    Originally posted by ToolkiT

    Very true, QWERTY was designed for english so the old skool typwriters wouldnt tangle up.. with different languages you get different frequency of letter usage, hence the different keyboard layout..
    It all makes sense, but its still a pain in the ****
    Ahh, again my lament for the uselessness of a QWERTY layout for today's electronic devices - particularly since you have to hunt and peck with your thumbs anyway.
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    The Orange catalogue has the T600 with a QWERTY keyboard, but has a dollar sign, no symbol anywhere.

    However, it's probably just a Photoshop image.

    The French pictures clearly show a Euro symbol instead of a $ on the French AZERTY model.
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    Have you noticed that the word TYPEWRITER can be typed using just the top row of keys on a QWERTY keyboard?

    Apparently that was so that demo's of the first typewriters showed off the machines at their fastest.
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    I wouldn't bet money that the UK Orange version would have the exact same QWERTY keyboard as the US model. When I use my collagues laptops in the UK, their keyboards are not the same. Mostly the symbols are in different places, but I thought some of the letters were in a different place as well.
    Just my 2 cents.
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